Mewtwo, labeled The Grouchy, Pissy Co-Host, is the co-host of Total Pokemon Island and Total Pokemon World Tour with Mew. He's also the chef of the show. Mewtwo hosts the show in Boot Camp! Who gets booted? and Heartgold, Mt Silver, Bronzong!. He is well know with his conflict with Banette. Their conflict began back when Banette first arrived on the island, making it the longest conflict in the show. He often suffers from pranks pulled by Banette, but he got his revenge in Boot Camp! Who gets booted? since Banette can not mock him or else he could be automatically eliminated. He spends most of the episode taunting Banette, trying to get him to snap. Mewtwo won however, at the campfire ceremony, he revealed that if you had the lowest points, you wre booted off regardless. He was insanely giddy due to the fact that Banette was getting kicked off, until the Marionette Pokemon began to curse at him. Mewtwo quickly loses his cool and snaps back at him. After that episode, Mew announced that due to Mewtwo's behavior, he had been sent to cater to the whims of the eliminated campers at Losers' Land, including Banette.

It should be noted that Mew and Mewtwo were college buddies back in their days and during Total Pokemon World Tour, they constantly make refernces to their past. Mewtwo and Darkrai were college roomates and old friends, the latter sometimes hooking Mewtwo up with a girl. Mew says that Mewtwo had fallen for Deoxys, impiling that fact that Mewtwo may or may not have kissed her. He seems very awkard discussing her, even with his friends, saysing to leave her out of it and when Mew asks if she's still traveling though the galaxy, Mewtwo responds yes shortly, perhaps implying he and she had a bad breakup.


  • Apparently, Mewtwo is a fan of the Spice Girls, as revealed in Embarrassing Idol!
  • He is skilled in the ways of militarism and hunts down many of the campers with ease in Hiding and Sneaking!