Episodes Eliminated

TPI: "Dancing With The Campers!"

TPWT: "Bronzong's Total Pokemon World Tour?"


TPI: 26th

TPWT: 10th


Houndoom (Dating), Arcanine (Crush- Ended)




Houndoom, Gardevoir, Mismagius, Gengar, Banette, Froslass, Arcanine


Weavile, Pidgeot, Bronzong




Flame Batons


Indecisive, Foxy, Nine Lives

Ninetales, labeled The Reasonable One, in Total Pokemon Island, while labeled Messed Up Love Life in Total Pokemon World Tour, was a camper on Total Pokemon Island, as a member of the Great Groudons. She also competed on Total Pokemon World Tour as a member of the Cool Cresselias.



The best way to describe Ninetales would be pragmatic and logical. Among the girls in the game, she was always one of the ones who stayed level headed. Ninetales was a firm believer in fairness and didn't believe in alliances to win the game. While she comes off as stoic, she is nice, if not a little distant. Ninetales is notoriously bad at talking about feelings.

However, in TPWT, more negative sides of her personality come to light. Ninetales shows that she gets lonely fairly easily, and that affects her logical thinking. In addition, she overthinks situations and it leads her to be indecisive. Due to her independence, she doesn't want others solving her problems for her, but that can make things worse for her in the long run.

Despite her shortcomings, she is popular among the contestants, but due to her brisk attitude, very few get close to her.

Total Pokemon IslandEdit

Total Pokemon World Tour:Edit


  • If Ninetales was human, she would be very mysterious and dress in formal, strange clothing. She'd probably be foreign, but no one would know where she was from.
  • All of Ninetales's eliminations have to do with the number 9. If one doesn't count Gabite and Bronzong's first eliminations in TPI, she was the 9th eliminated. In TPWT, if one doesn't count Hitmonlee's return, she came in 9th instead of 10th.
  • She is also the ninth host in TPR.
  • DA likes Ninetales, but wanted to make her character a bit more complicated, which resulted in her indecisive tendencies. As a result, many people liked Ninetales less.