Episodes Eliminated

TPI: "Traumatizing Terrors!"

TPWT: "Fighting Tooth and Scale!"


TPI: 29th

TPWT: 23rd


Gliscor (Broken Up), Golbat (One-sided Crush)




Gardevoir, Crobat, Mismagius, Froslass


Lopunny, Weavile, Mismagius, Ninetales, Gliscor


Getting her heart broken


Singing, Creating Tornadoes with Wings


Pulling a Pidgeotto, Nosey, Birdbrain

Pidgeotto, labeled The Singing Romantic, was a camper on Total Pokemon Island, as a member of the Killer Kyogres. She returned in Total Pokemon World Tour as Pidgeot, when she evolved between Total Pokemon Island and Total Pokemon World Tour. She was a member of the Cool Cresselias.

Coverage Edit

Personality Edit

Pidgeot is a Pokemon who is hard to describe in a few words. She is a Pokemon who believes that she has the wisdom and capabilities to help others- unfortunately, this sense of needing to be useful, combined with her nature as a true romantic, makes her very nosy and likely to get into other Pokemon's business...despite her good intentions, her interference is rarely desired.

She is also quite emotional, growing depressed over things as simple as boys and growing angry over things as simple as friendships. Pidgeot seems to have an idea that she knows best and that she deserves to be happy, which causes her to get more unbearable when she feels her happiness is threatened.

Pidgeot isn't the brightest, but she is very materialistic and tends to have an elitist attitude towards her interests (shopping and music). When her authority is challenged, she gets annoyed and very high and mighty. In addition, Pidgeot has a tendency to shove her foot in her beak and say unnaturally mean or cruel things without noticing what she's saying. All in all, Pidgeot's high standards and difficult personality make her a hard Pokemon to get along with.

Total Pokemon Island: Edit

Total Pokemon World Tour: Edit

Trivia: Edit

  • If Pidgeot was human, she would be "preppy and dress very stylish", because Pidgeot likes to look good. She'd probably be semi popular, but overdramatic.
  • Pidgeot was pitied in TPI because of Gliscor, but this was reversed in TPWT. As of TPR, Gliscor has become the one who everyone pities.
  • Pidgeot's insulting nature is not intentional- she simply has an enormous foot in her mouth that makes her say stupid things.

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