Total Pokemon Redux! is the final installment of Total Pokemon Series. Total Pokemon Redux! premiered on FanFiction.Net, Dark Amphithere profile on 14th July 2014 and this season is still currently updating new episodes. It was originally rated T on FanFiction.Net. However, given to the mature theme occurred lately, it has increased to Rated M.

Overview Edit

This season featuring twenty former competitors with twelve newbies to join the battle. In this final installment of the series, the campers must compete in challenges with twists from past seasons and hosted by non-returning players. Two teams were formed again and as previous rules enforced, the winners were granted immunities and losers had to vote off one of their owns.

Contestants Eliminated Edit

See also: TP Eliminations Tables
Participant Team Status Placing
Unfezant Graceful Gardevoirs

1st Voted Out
in Venomoth's Vertical Target Drop!

32nd Place Non-Merged
Froslass Victorious Vileplumes

2nd Voted Out
in Mawile's Wild Hunt for Keys!

31st Place
Charmeleon (evolved into Charizard) Victorious Vileplumes

3rd Voted Out
in Hitmonlee's Ridiculous Relay!

30th Place
Roserade Victorious Vileplumes

4th Voted Out
in Primeape's Muscle Measuring Match!

29th Place
Marill Graceful Gardevoirs

5th Voted Out
in Mew's Camp of Fear!

28th Place
Wooper Graceful Gardevoirs

6th Voted Out
in Rhydon's Dodgeball Duel in the Dune!

27th Place
Hypno Victorious Vileplumes

7th Voted Out
in Lopunny's Big Bad Brawl!

26th Place
Scizor Victorious Vileplumes

8th Voted Out
in Trapinch's Romantic Rendezvous!

25th Place
Diglett Graceful Gardevoirs

9th Voted Out
in Ninetales's Nine Nasty Tasks!

24th Place
Garchomp Graceful Gardevoirs

10th Voted Out
in Mewtwo's Crazy Cook Off!

23rd Place
Arcanine Victorious Vileplumes

11th Voted Out
in Pidgeot's Sensational Singing Night!

22nd Place
Mightyena Graceful Gardevoirs

12th Voted Out
in Clefable's Secret Sharing Standoff!

21st Place
Swampert Graceful Gardevoirs

13th Voted Out
in Lapras's Ship Sailing Search!

20th Place
Medicham Victorious Vileplumes

Returns in Houndoom's Destructive Demolition Derby!
14th Voted Out
in Gardevoir's Ghastly Gruesome Game!

Mamoswine Victorious Vileplumes

Returns in Houndoom's Destructive Demolition Derby!
15th Voted Out
in Mew and Bellsprout's Double Trouble!

Trevenant Victorious Vileplumes

16th Voted Out
in Cacturne's Nightmare Flag Tag!

19th Place
Mismagius Victorious Vileplumes

17th Voted Out
in Lileep's Fossil Finding Swim

18th Place
Gothitelle Graceful Gardevoirs

18th Voted Out
in Houndoom's Destructive Demolition Derby!

17th Place Merged
Bronzong Graceful Gardevoirs

19th Voted Out
in Dragonite's Outstanding Olympics!

16th Place
Mamoswine Victorious Vileplumes

20th Voted Out
in Mew's Fantastic Fair of Fun!

15th Place
Gengar Victorious Vileplumes

21st Voted Out
in Electrode's Harrowing Hunt!

14th Place
Alakazam Graceful Gardevoirs

22nd Voted Out
in Vileplume's Eccentric Elemental Maze!

13th Place

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