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Total Pokemon World Tour is the second season of Total Pokemon Series. Total Pokemon World Tour premiered on FanFiction.Net, Dark Amphithere profile on 5th November 2010 and it ended on 28th June 2014. It rated T on FanFiction.Net.


Twenty-seven previous contestants and five new ones compete in challenges all around the world. Also new this season, when Mew rings a bell, the contestants must break into song. If they don't, they are automatically eliminated. By the rules, contestants must sing once in each episode. When a contestant is eliminated, they must take the Drop of Shame voluntarily or someone will have to force them off the plane.

Contestants EliminatedEdit

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Participant Team Status Placing
Hitmonlee None

Returns in The Food, the Bad, and the Gross!
1st Eliminated in Passing Time in Pallet Town!

Houndoom Cool Cresselias

Returns in The Food, the Bad, and the Gross!
2nd Quit in Shoal Cave Search!

Bellsprout Cool Cresselias

3rd Voted Out
in A Week in Ecruteak!

32nd Place
Lopunny Cool Cresselias

4th Voted Out
in Are You Afraid of the Dark Cave?

31st Place
Clefable Cool Cresselias

5th Voted Out
in Snowpoint in Playing this Game!

30th Place
Dragonite Cool Cresselias

6th Voted Out
in Heartbreak in Hoenn Ocean

29th Place
Cacturne Deadly Darkrais

7th Voted Out
in Sightseeing in Cerulean City!

28th Place
Lapras Deadly Darkrais

8th Voted Out
in Doin' it up, Dewford Style!

27th Place
Lileep Cool Cresselias

9th Voted Out
in Singing in the Full Moonlight!

26th Place
Piloswine Deadly Darkrais

10th Voted Out
in Time for some Hearthome Cooking!

25th Place
Trapinch Cool Cresselias

11th Quit
in A Sweet Safari Zone Soiree

24th Place
Pidgeot Cool Cresselias

12th Voted Out
in Fighting Tooth and Scale!

23rd Place
Electrode Cool Cresselias

13th Voted Out
in HeartGold, Mt Silver, Bronzong!

22nd Place
Gabite Deadly Darkrais

14th Eliminated
in The Krazy Kyogre Kalamity Kwiz!

21st Place
Weavile Deadly Darkrais

15th Voted Out
in In Stark Mountain Contrast

20th Place
Luxio Deadly Darkrais

16th Disqualified
in The Underground FailRoad!

19th Place
Murkrow (evolved into Honchkrow) Deadly Darkrais

17th Voted Out
in The Food, the Bad, and the Gross!

18th Place Merged
Gliscor Cool Cresselias

18th Left
in Don't Get Lost in the Tower!

17th Place
Golbat (evolved into Crobat) Deadly Darkrais

19th Voted Out
in The Old Chateau! Banette vs Mewtwo!

16th Place
Gengar Deadly Darkrais

20th Eliminated
in Go! Pokeathlon!

15th Place
Charmeleon Deadly Darkrais

21st Eliminated
in Go! Pokeathlon!

14th Place
Houndoom Cool Cresselias

22nd/23rdVoted Out
in By Cycling Road

12th/13th Place
Arcanine Deadly Darkrais

22nd/23rdVoted Out
in By Cycling Road

12th/13th Place
Kadabra (evolved into Alakazam) Deadly Darkrais

24th Voted Out
in Video Killed the Radio Tower!

11th Place
Ninetales Cool Cresselias

25th Voted Out
in Bronzong's Pokemon World Tour?

10th Place
Mismagius Cool Cresselias

26th Voted Out
in Cave of Origins and Embarrassing Secrets

9th Place
Bronzong Cool Cresselias

27th Eliminated
in Dragon's Den: Beginning of the End

8th Place
Froslass Cool Cresselias

28th Eliminated
in Game Cornered

7th Place
Hitmonlee None

29th Voted Out
in We Can't Turnback Now

6th Place
Banette Cool Cresselias

30th Eliminated
in Distortion Whirled

5th Place
Diglett Deadly Darkrais

31th Eliminated
in Sweet, Sweet Victory Road

4th Place
Hypno Deadly Darkrais

32th Eliminated
in The Finale Begins! Hypno's Secret!

3rd Place
Wooper Deadly Darkrais

in The New Champion!

Gardevoir Cool Cresselias

in The New Champion!